I Didn't Know It Got This Good So Soon

I had no idea that toddlers were so much fun! Yes we've started having a few episodes of "mine" and "all mine," but Stephen and I have many moments throughout the day now when we look at each other, smile big grins, and mouth, "Sooooo cute!" A few examples:

1) Because I must always answer, “Okay” when she asks for things, she’s has now started adding that to the end of her answers. For example:

Lily: “Doggie tweet”–pointing to Pali’s cookie jar.
Me: “You want to give Pali a treat?”
Lily: “Yeah, O-tay.” Only you have to imagine the “yeah” as a very enthusiastic, almost gutteral sound. She is so excited when we understand her request be it for a spoon, nummies, or really anything.

2) She has taken to giving me a kiss right before she rolls over to go to sleep. I lay in the bed with her nursing, and she nurses for a bit, then she rolls over onto her tummy in stink-bug pose, holding her blanket tightly. Then she pops up, lurches towards me all puckered up, and gives me a big kiss. It’s so cute. Sometimes (if she’s not all that tired yet), she’ll get super carried away giving me and her blanket a shower of kisses.

3) I've got this very uncomfortable clogged milk duct thing going on (my first episode with something like this and likely due to a poor-timed adventure in night-weaning while starting a new exercise class), and she saw me trying to doctor it up today. She looked at me and said,

"Mama. Nummies. Owie." I told her yes, Mama's nummies had an owie. So she gave them a kiss! So sweet. And, now that I think about it, that's really kind of an actual sentence!

4) She's taken to clearly telling Stephen that she knows he's not needed for "night-night" time because he doesn't have the "nummies" (her self-picked word for breastfeeding). She'll start saying, "Mama, nummies." And to Stephen she waves and tells him "bye-bye." Tonight she also gave him a huge kiss. As we met eyes over her head, Stephen summed up my thoughts nicely, “I had no idea it got so good so soon. I thought you had to wait until three or four for this sort of stuff.”