An iPhone App Called Freedom

Okay, so it's actually called Baby Monitor, but it gave us a taste of very sweet freedom. I thought a very practical post was in order after all my essaying, so here you go: If you or yours worship at the house of Apple like we do, check out this app. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby—except one asleep at your friend's house while you enjoy an evening out!

It lives up to its name. You put it beside your baby, and if it hears noise, it calls a number you specify. Then you can listen in and see if you need to go in. I don't need a baby monitor in our small space, but we decided to visit friends the other night who have a classic long, skinny San Francisco apartment, which means the bedroom and the living room are about a half a mile apart. I put Lily down in their room, and she actually went to sleep without too much extra trouble (a chorus of angels singing Hallelujah would summarize my feelings quite nicely). I put the Baby Monitor app on my phone, put it next to her, and it worked beautifully. I also have Lily used to sleeping with a white noise iPhone app, and this Baby Monitor app was smart enough to not get triggered by the white noise. It seemed to set itself to a base level of noise.

We enjoyed an evening of food, drink, and good conversation with our friends and saw visions of other evenings in adult company ahead.

It was beautiful.

(P.S. If you are an iPhone fan, I should tell you that my husband has a rather cool photo dialer app, Dial 9, in the app store. Check it out after you enjoy an evening out with Baby Monitor!)