Sleep Deprivation

Last night was rough. We've been able to count on Lily sleeping for decent chunks of time (three to four hours) most nights, but last night she seemed to be up every hour and a half. I think she's going through a growing spurt--she's been like a hummingbird today. I feel like I just start to think about a shower and Stephen's saying, "I think she might be hungry again babe."

I'm one of those people who love to have my inbox nice and tidy. I like to have the number of emails visible above the preview pane. This is normally in the 20ish range. Imagine my joy to have a few minutes this morning when Lily quietly entertained herself on her activity mat, allowing me to sort through emails. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how many emails I could just delete. It was so satisfying watching the number of emails dwindle to just a handful. It felt liberating. Soon I had just five left. A very manageable number.

And then I realized that I'd just spent the last 15 minutes organizing my trash folder. Yes, I was re-deleting emails that I had already deleted while my actual inbox remained alarming full.

Did I mention that I didn't get much sleep last night?